“I have type 2 diabetes, so my legs have some diabetic neuropathy and a tendency to cramp.  I have been seeing Joey regularly for two months, and he and I have made fabulous progress.  His combined Reiki and massage therapy have both relaxed me and returned noticeable functioning to my legs.  Highly recommended!” – D.H., Boston, MA


“I have received several massages and Reiki treatments from Joey and have been very pleased.  He has a wonderful and intuitive touch.  I always leave the sessions feeling calm and relaxed, emotionally and physically.  I recommend Joey’s services wholeheartedly!” – T.H., Jamaica Plain, MA


“As a musician who spends many hours a day at the piano, it’s important for me to receive regular massage to relieve tension that can build up in my shoulders and neck.  Joey is very sensitive to my “target areas” and has a real gift of touch.  Unlike some other massage therapists I’ve visited who tend to hammer away at the muscles, Joey exudes a warm, gentle but firm energy that invites the muscles to relax and let go of tension.  I leave each session feeling more relaxed and supple.” – P.K., Roslindale, MA


“Joey’s massages are so unique, like no other massages I’ve ever had before.  Instead of feeling beaten up afterwards, my body feels so completely relaxed and I feel taller and more energized.” – C.C., Boston, MA